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The Bible says, “And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.” Daniel 12: 3. This passage does not say that we will become beings of light in the future in Heaven, but rather here on earth now once we understand and practice God’s righteousness and teach others what we have learned. God’s righteousness and divine justice are the same.  For humans, justice is the deserved punishment imposed on someone who violates the law.  This justice requires a transgressor, someone to whom prosecute, someone to make responsible for the transgression. No matter who he may be, but to declare someone guilty and see that he is held accountable. This is in effect vengeance. The justice of God is equitable, not vengeful. “Vengeance is alien to God's Mind [because] He knows of justice.” ACIM T25.viii.5:5. The justice of God looks at all in the same way. He gives to all the same treatment. When we implement divine justice under God’s direction is when we become the light of the world. It is impossible for us to share the Holy Spirit's justice if we think that we are better than others or special in God’s eyes. 

In order to learn to be just, we must treat everyone with love and see them as innocent, just as we wish to be treated, and let God be the judge. Don’t be afraid to be called to teach God’s righteousness, because teaching is to demonstrate what we know. We all are students and teachers. As students, we always have lessons to learn from every person and every event. As teachers, there is always someone observing our behavior and following in our footsteps. The important thing here is what we are teaching and what we are interested in learning. For many this is a ruthless world, cruel, full of hatred and always at war. It gives only to take away and deprive you of what you believe you love.   But we need to understand that this is the world of time. It is not the world that God intended for His children. God's world cannot be perceived with the physical senses, but if we relax and we quiet our minds, if we try to go beyond all concerns, beyond any sense of insufficiency that we may feel, we will perceive within us His World of peace.

“There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides." ACIM L.47.7. 4. The place of perfect peace is inside us, and we can reach that place and become strengthened by the power of God. We can go there for guidance, for answers to our questions, for instruction, and little by little we become the light of the world, and we will be able to teach the lessons learned. We can go to that place at any time. There, in that place, we connect with the divine, with the Holy Spirit. To get to that place of perfect peace we must learn to quiet our minds, be in complete silence, so we can hear God’s Voice, “Be still, and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10. This stillness of mind is meditation. This tool is at the disposal of everyone, and can be used wherever we are at any time.

If we don’t understand the meaning of God's righteousness, we can quiet our minds and ask the Holy Spirit Who would surely give us a personalized response. This will be the same content, with words each one can understand.  We don’t need to go to other people and ask their opinion about divine justice. The only way to really know the truth is to ask the One Who knows. In this way we are going to have certainty of what we are doing or saying. There are many who say to be seeking for the truth, but they are not looking where the real answer resides. They are looking outside of themselves. God, our Father, who already did His part for us to return to Him, placed the solution to our problems inside us, right next to the problem, that we might find the solution easily, and we may be able to tell others where they can find it also. We have His Word to guide us as we try to help our brothers. Let us not forget that we, on our own, are powerless, and we need to depend on a strength that is beyond our physical limitations in regards to how to learn and what to teach. But the truth is simple. We need to teach those who feel lost and are in the midst of confusion how to find their way.

“And in the sunlight you will stand in quiet, in innocence and wholly unafraid. And from you will the rest you found extend, so that your peace can never fall away and leave you homeless. Those who offer peace to everyone have found a home in Heaven the world cannot destroy. For it is large enough to hold the world within its peace… “In you is all of Heaven. Every leaf that falls is given life in you. Each bird that ever sang will sing again in you. And every flower that ever bloomed has saved its perfume and its loveliness for you… How better could your own mistakes be brought to truth than by your willingness to bring the light of Heaven with you, as you walk beyond the world of darkness into light?”  ACIM T-25.IV.4,5.             

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all."

2 Corinthians 13:14