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The Apostle Paul said, "And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” Romans 12: 2. We are exhorted not to accommodate in an effort to fit into this world, but rather have a burning desire to evolve, to grow, to become closer to God, to understand and do His will. What is preventing us from doing it? Fear is the only impediment. There are so many things that frighten us, and we use them as an excuse to stay right where we are, without taking action.  Making changes frightens us, and we avoid it. Growth requires making changes in our beliefs, and that is scary to us. We don’t want to consider something different. Being accepted by others is of great importance to us. It is more comfortable to be part of the group. We do not want to tell others about our new beliefs, so we protect and accommodate ourselves by not changing our beliefs.  We don’t want to be dissenters. We haven’t analyzed why we act this way, but the reason behind this attitude is only fear.

The main reason of our fears is that we don’t exercise enough control over our thoughts.  We need to have more vigilance on what we think. God has already given us the tools to overcome fear. "For God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but rather of power and love and self-control.”   2 Timothy 1: 7. Fear is not real; it is a shadow which has only the power we give to it. We feel fear because we don’t trust God; we prefer to rely on our own limitations. We don’t see the loss that fear is causing us. Fear has helped us get where we are now. Fear has maintained us secure in exchange for not taking risks, but also kept us small and mediocre.  “Be determined to know more than others. If you yourself do not cut the lines that tie you to the dock, God will have to use a storm to sever them and to send you out to sea. Put everything in your life afloat upon God, going out to sea on the great swelling tide of His purpose, and you will get your eyes open. If you believe in Jesus, you are not to spend all your time in the calm waters inside the harbor, full of joy, but always tied to the dock; you have to get out past the harbor into the great depths of God and begin to know things for yourself -- begin to have spiritual discernment.” Oswald Chambers. Don’t play it safe, instead trust God, go with Him wherever He leads you.

We need to regain our self-control with which God endowed us. Being courageous doesn’t mean not to be afraid, but rather to move forward and confront the object of our distress, despite the fear. There are only two emotions, love and fear. From those two, only love is real because it is of God. Fear is only the absence of God or absence of love. We feel fear because we don’t believe that the love and protection of God applies to us personally. So when a problem comes our way we imagine the worst possible scenario.  We make an inventory our assets and try to solve the problem in our way. We ask for God’s help only when we run out of options. That doesn’t mean that we trust God.  We are going to Him only out of desperation. It is important to understand that all negative emotions, such as anger, jealousy, envy, slander, etc., are based on fear. If we look for the root, fear is what we will find.

Fear is no stranger to animals, but when animals feel fear they just shake it off. We human beings are the only ones that accumulate or collect fear.  We are all afraid of something on some level.  We imagine scenarios of situations that have never taken place – and perhaps they never will – and that keeps us in a state of constant apprehension. When a situation arises that requires solution, the physical body begins to show signs of anxiety.  This anxiety then becomes a sensation that keeps us from searching for the right solution.This is the way in which fear or its by-products are manifested.  Perhaps we think there is no way to control fear, so instead of looking within ourselves for the courage God gave us, we look for an escape outside ourselves.  We look to forget the problem through food, alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, shopping, or other ways.  But there is a better way.  There are alternatives.  Fear makes us flee, when we look for an escape; it paralyzes us, by doing nothing; or we fight, when we choose to attack in self-defense.  What happens if we do none of those?

I want to suggest a better solution. Give yourself permission to experience the physical sensation of fear. You become the observer. As an observer detach yourself from your body and watch the sensations of your body.   Observe how fear or anxiety is manifesting through your body, perhaps in the form of nausea, or trouble breathing, or your heartbeat, etc. From where you are, you are only seeing what is happening as if you were a witness. It is not difficult to detach from the physical body and become an observer. You can do it. By doing it you are agreeing that you and the physical body are two different things. Your spirit is watching how your body is reacting.  You can even say “how interesting.” When this detachment takes place, you are already succeeding. Keep observing and you will notice that the feeling of stress is going away little by little and your body is starting to calm down.  Then the feeling of anxiety disappears completely. Before you realize it you are integrated again, and the feeling of anxiety is gone. I know by experience that this exercise works. The cause of the fear still needs to be confronted and resolved. Ask the Lord for help you see the solution.

“If you knew Who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible…Not one light in Heaven but goes with you. Not one Ray that shines forever in the Mind of God but shines on you. Heaven is joined with you in your advance to Heaven. When such great lights have joined with you to give the little spark of your desire the power of God Himself, can you remain in darkness? You and your brother are coming home together, after a long and meaningless journey that you undertook apart, and that led nowhere. You have found your brother, and you will light each other's way. And from this light will the Great Rays extend back into darkness and forward unto God, to shine away the past and so make room for His eternal Presence, in which everything is radiant in the light.” ACIM T.18.iii.    You are not alone in your journey, don’t be afraid.

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all."  2 Corinthians 13:14