Our purpose is to help you grow and mature spiritually through these dissertations that you may experience closeness to God.


The intention of the dissertations is to help you strengthen your faith in God, to understand God’s will for your life, and to help you identify weak spots you may correct and accomplish your goal.

How to Have Peace with God                                     

From the Holy Spirit

Dear child of God, I am the Holy Spirit.   I will talk to you about the peace of God, something that the world has no idea of how to get it, or make it grow. Because it comes from God is inside you, and flows inside out. It cannot be duplicated or fabricated, neither can be found on the world, because it doesn’t depend on external events, and also because it comes from God, and is extended only when you share it with others. When you experience the peace of God you also feel joy, because both are intertwined, you cannot have one and not have the other. You may think that to have joy, means to be always laughing or singing, but is not so. Contentment, satisfaction, stillness, and calm, are also considered synonyms of joy. The presence of God is manifested in the silence, and when you feel God's presence, you feel complete because there is nothing else. You may question how is possible to have peace in this world, where the normal is hatred, scarcity, wars, disease, and death, considering that these are part of the daily life. But the only reason it seems impossible is because you identify yourself with what you see, and you believe it to be true. But is not true, it is a dream, an illusion, and you need to learn to differentiate them.

If you are witnessing a conflict that is upsetting you, is because you are identifying yourself with someone else's dream, and you can choose not to be part of that drama. You can see it for what it is, so rise above the battlefield, and don’t be participant. This doesn’t mean that you should look for place to isolate, but you are there to influence the others, not to be influenced by them. You are in the world, but you don’t have to be a part of its drama. All this drama is an illusion, and you are there precisely to learn how to differentiate the truth from the illusion. The events in themselves are neutral, it is you who interprets and labels them with a certain emotion, and degree of importance. Events are part of being in the world. Perhaps something is happening to you personally, and you think that you are in the midst of a relentless storm, however, every storm has a center, which is called, the eye of the storm, there is no turbulence in there. You also have a center where you can take shelter, it is in your heart; there in your heart there is a place, where you can find a complete calm, where you can find the peace of God. Go there and find the strength and wisdom to solve your problem. You are not alone or without resources.

When everything around you appear to be in conflict, quiet your mind, and go to that inner sanctuary where you find that silence, which takes you to God. You, son of God, whomever you are, or whatever you may have done with your life until now, you also have access to the peace of God. Look for that place inside you, you will find it, then ask God what you need to know. You need to quiet your mind and go beyond your conflicting thoughts, and gradually you will begin to feel His peace. A healthy body means that you have peace, and a sick body means that you are trying to find your peace out in the world, through external solutions. Also, when you have the peace of God, even if you don’t feel loved by other people, you remain calm and serene, because the love of God fills you completely. You feel that your cup is overflowing and you can permit yourself to give your love to everyone, without any expectations. Fear robs you of your peace, because both cannot coexist, but when you have the peace of God, you remain completely undisturbed through storms and struggles. There is no anxiety or fear, no worries or burdens, guilt or resentments, only rest and the presence of His spirit. When you have the peace of God, you have everything.

Until now you have been living in the midst of conflict, and lacking in some area of our life.  Perhaps because you feel separate from God, or because you lost your sense of direction and you don’t know how to proceed, or where to seek for help. You have so many false beliefs, and although some of them are neither good nor bad, they are making you waste your time, because you are postponing the moment of finding God's peace, and be able to rest in Him. But you are not alone, I know where you are, and if you allow Me I can straighten your path, and direct you towards God. Leave behind the world and its illusions, don’t become part of someone else’s drama, and stay anchored in the peace of God.  It doesn’t matter what kind of life you have lived until now, or what mistakes you have done. There is a solution and that is precisely the reason why You need Me, I am the answer to your conflict.

God putted in you the potential of peace, and to make it grow, you need to share it with others without making exceptions. Each of your fellow man needs and deserves peace, but specially, because that is the only way you are going to receive it. Offer these rest to your brothers, give them entrance to your sanctuary, invite them to rest with you, and you all rest in the peace of God.

Child of God receive My blessing, I Am the Holy Spirit.


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From Our Lord Jesus Christ

I am the Lord Jesus Christ.

I promised to be with you always and I am here as I promised. I want to be your Guide and Teacher and continue the work I started when I was here and take you home to the Father. I want to help you remember your identity. To remember that you are the son who God loves. You are expected in Heaven and you will be received with a welcoming celebration. In God there is no judgment nor punishment, because God is love.

Your fear towards God is due to misconceptions; your misunderstanding of certain principles.  But My brother, is about time you accept the truth.  Failure to do so only means you are in denial, thinking and hoping still that something else will happen in the future, but is already done.  The conflict was totally resolved two thousand years ago when I paid the debt. There are no more debts to pay.  God loves you and accepts you just as you are. You don’t need to do preparation and you don’t need to change, in order to be accepted. If you were able to wake up on your own you wouldn’t need My help, but you cannot do it.

Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied with your achievements? I am offering you My help.

My peace be with you My brother, I am the Lord Jesus Christ.